Research & Development

OptiLeaf offers technological solutions for the cannabis industry, incorporating both hardware and software.

Automation and AI

We are more than just another cannabis software company; we control, automate, and enhance every aspect of the cannabis business.

Regulatory Compliance

OptiLeaf's software suite will track and manage every contact and its life cycle. Our software guarantees to meet all state tracking requirements.

Hardware Integration

With our hardware integration, stakeholders will be able to automate and run their operation, with ease.

About OptiLeaf

OptiLeaf, Inc., a development stage company, is focused on developing a world-class, fully integrated, turn-key management system for the cannabis industry. OptiLeaf is a technological solutions provider for dispensary owners, supply chain partners, and other industry stakeholders. Our technology allows them to increase productivity, sales, profitability, and reduce or eliminate the need for manual labor while maximizing product quality.

We are more than just another cannabis software company; we control and automate the entire operation, including retail system.

Cannabis Industry

  • According to Arcview, a leading source of information for the industry, cannabis is currently a $6.7 billion industry, and is projected to grow to $10.2 billion by 2018.

  • The Market is composed of individuals who legally consume marijuana as allowed by state laws, as well as the businesses that constitute the supply chain to serve those consumers. These businesses include the cannabis cultivation operation, dispensary, and caregiver.

  • Our technology will allow cultivation sites to lower costs, boost yields, and maximize production capacity. The decisions that cannabis cultivation businesses make today will play a huge role in whether or not they will be successful in years to come.

  • A recent Gallup poll (2018-2019) shows increased support for the legalization of cannabis, with 66% of the U.S. population now supporting the idea.

  • Currently in multiple U.S. states, all adults 21 and older can legally purchase cannabis from any licensed retailers.

  • Obtaining maximum efficiency gain through automation and systems integration will be vital to the success of all licensed cannabis businesses in the legalized medical marijuana states.